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Something unique carried by Performance Blenders are ADM's AminoGain® products. AminoGain® supplements can be blended with commodities for growing cattle to push for maximum gain without making them too fat. It also offers the correct amount of amino acids for optimum growth. AminoGain® is also available in a some of our lines of bagged complete feeds for cattle and goats

AminoGain is available at Performance Blenders

For more information on these or any other products available at Performance Blenders, please call us or stop by the office during regular business hours on Highway OO, west of Gordonville.

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Performance Blenders: Where Performance is an Ingredient

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Bagged AminoGain® Products

Performance Blenders also offers a bagged AminoGain® products  in ADM's line of AminoGro™ feeds. We stock these products for operations that may not have bulk storage, only a few cattle on feed, or just simply want their feed bagged.

​The proprietary knowledge embedded in AminoGain® technology taps into the full genetic potential of the beef animal. By balancing amino acids in cattle diets based on requirements, maximum genetic expression can be achieved with greater profit potential. The bottom line is more efficient production and performance at a lower investment per pound of gain.

AminoGro 12 RU

AminoGro 12 RU contains AminoGain® and all the benefits of using it in commodities. The feeding rate is 12 lb/head/day. This product is popular for use in creep feeding programs, growing calves, and show cattle projects by some of our customers. Contains monensin.

AminoGro 6

Like the above product, AminoGro 6 contains AminoGain® but at a more concentrated level, designed for a 6 pound per day feeding rate. This feed is medication free. 

Products for Goats

We also carry a ShowTec AminoGain Goat product. For more information please visit our show goat page

AminoGain® Growers and Feedlot Balancer Supplements

AminoGain® is available at Performance Blenders - Jackson, MO

AminoGain® Products at Performance Blenders

AminoGain 1 Co-Product Balancer

The Co-Product Balancer is to be used with corn co-products such as distillers and gluten. It can be fed at a rate of 1.0 to 1.5 lb/head/day. The AminoGain Co-Product Balancer is extremely popular at Performance Blenders because we can mix it with our corn co-products in our bulk commodity blends to make cattle grow and reach their genetic potential. 

This supplement can be used in creep and grower diets when corn co-products are used. 

Contains Lasalocid - do not feed to equine or rabbits. 

​AminoGain 1 Traditional 
​AminoGain Traditional is a protein-vitamin-mineral supplement designed to be used with a traditional diet, such as corn, silage, etc. It contains no corn co-products. This supplement is to be fed at a rate of 1.0 to 1.5 lb/head/day. 

This can be fed in the feedlot. It can also be used in heifer development if no corn co-products are used (0.75 lb/head/day). 
Contains monensin.

Complete Cattle Feeds Containing AminoGain®