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Pen Pals Scratch Blocks - Available at Performance Blenders

Feed for Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Quail, and Turkey

Performance Blenders: A Proud Dealer for ADM Animal Nutrition

Upon request and demand, Performance Blenders can get Flight Ready Game Bird Feeds. These feeds are appropriate for ducks, geese, peasents, wild turkeys, and game birds. For more information, please visit ADM's Flight Ready (TM) Page. 

Pen Pals Egg Maker- Available at Performance Blenders

Pen Pals Scratch Blocks are a free-choice 25 pound supplemental block for broilers, layers, and game birds. This block encourages the natural feeding and pecking routine of birds, helping to alleviate boredom and keep them active. Contains high-quality grains and balanced vitamin and minerals. 

ADM Flight Ready Feeds

A crumbled complete feed for birds 0-20 weeks old. Medicated with amprolium and britracin for growth promotion and to prevent coccidiosis. 18% Protein and 3% Fat.

For more information on our poultry feeds or any other products, please call us at

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Complete broiler feed is available upon request. Call 573-204-1227 so we can order it and get it in for you.

Poultry Biosecurity 

Backyard Poultry Feeds at Performance Blenders

Pen Pals Starterg/Grower- Available at Performance Blenders

Protect your birds from diseases such as Exotic Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza by using common sense practices. Disinfect yourself, clothing/shoes, vehicle tires, egg containers or any other items that have been to another poultry farm. Limit traffic to your property and keep off of other poultry farms if possible. To report sick birds, call the USDA Veterinary Services toll-free at 1-866-536-7593.

Egg Maker Complete is a pelleted feed designed for layer hens. The benefit of pelleted feed is the reduction of feed waste and it is also helpful in improving feed efficiency. Contains 16% Protein and 3% Fat.

At Performance Blenders, we carry ADM's Pen Pals Chicken Feed. We keep Starter/Grower and Egg Maker pellets in stock for local backyard poultry farmers. However, we can get broiler feed and scratch grains upon request. We also stock Poultry Mintrate. 

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