Fortress Dairy Lactation Minerals- Available at Performance Blenders

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Dairy Cattle Feed Additives 

Anco® FIT: Anco® FIT is a direct fed microbial (DFM) product containing a source of viable, naturally-occurring microorganisms along with other components specifically selected to empower high-performing animals to overcome naturally-occurring dietary challenges and stressors, enabling them to attain their performance potential.

Insect Growth Regulator (IGR): IGR Concentrate is now available and in stock at Performance Blenders. Incorporating IGR into cattle diets is not only easy, but highly effective. Cows become the applicator by consuming feed-through methoprene, which acts by inhibiting the development of horn fly larvae into adults. 

Biuret: Biuret is a cost-effective, controlled-release, NPN (non-protein nitrogen) source for ruminant livestock. Biuret’s predictable and has a safe rumen ammonia release pattern for allows for more formulation flexibility for beef and dairy rations than traditional NPN sources. 

CitriStim®: CitriStim® is a whole cell yeast source for a healthier GI tract. An ADM proprietary feed ingredient, CitriStim® is a proven and truly unique whole-cell yeast product beneficial for all animals at all life stages.

​Thermal Care™ R: A proven feed technology that helps deter heat stress in ruminant livestock. Thermal Care offers nutritional support proven to lessen the costly effects of heat stress. Contains CitriStim®. 

​RumeNext® D: Specially selected plant extracts in RumeNext provide a proven technological solution to optimize rumen digestion for favorable production responses. 

SafeGuard Pellets: SafeGuard deworming pellets for dairy, beef, and equine are available and in stock at Performance Blenders in 25 pound bags. Contains Fenbendazole. 

Prosponse®: A unique yeast supplement made by an exclusive process that ensures superior quality brewers yeast with outstanding palatability and a rich source of naturally occurring B-complex vitamins.

Prosponse® Nutrium: Live bacteria that stablize rumen pH levels and help enhance feed intake. 

LegendDairy™ Calf Concentrate

LegenDairy™ Calf Concentrate is a new product for adding to mixes as a high-quality 36% plant-protein source and 3% fat for dairy heifer mixes or to be mixed as a calf starter. Contains NPN for enhancing microbial protein in the rumen. Medicated with Bovatec. Pelleted for minimal waste and consistent intake. 

This is the replacement for Calf Mintrate. 

Dairy Solutions 18% Texturized Calf Stater

Texturized Calf Starter

An 18% protein texturized calf starter, ideal for starting dairy cattle and bottle calves. Medicated with Deccox. ​​

SafeGuard Pellets are available at Performance Blenders
NurseTrate™ Classic is available at Performance Blenders
CitriStim® is available at Performance Blenders

Milk Replacers

NurseTrate® Classic Milk Replacer

20% all-milk protein and 20% fat milk replacer designed to provide quality nutrition for traditional calf feeding programs. NurseTrate® Classic provides early growth with highly-digestable milk protein to get calves off to the right start. Formulated for the traditional calf feeding program. 

​Includes ADM's exclusive SI Inside™ to help with calf growth and health. Contains Bovatec (non-medicated versions available upon request). Available in 50# bags and in stock at Performance Blenders.

NurseTrate® PowerGRO™ Milk Replacer

PowerGRO features a blend of milk and plant based protein sources. Contains ​22% protein and 16% fat milk replacer designed for excellent calf health and a more economically stable price than all-milk formulas. Contains ADM's exclusive SI Inside™ for calf growth and health. 

PowerGro™ is packaged in 50-lb bags and available upon request. Call for availability: 573-204-1227.

NurseTrate® PowerMAX® Milk Replacer

​​PowerMAX is formulated to deliver the level of nutrients necessary to help calves achieve their full genetic potential. This intensified, full-potential feeding program is formulated to deliver the nutrients necessary to enable calves to achieve their full genetic potential as if they were receiving cow’s milk. Contains 28% all-milk protein and 18% fat. Includes ADM's exclusive SI Inside™ for growth and health and selenium yeast (more bioavailable selemium-- which is important for immune function). Fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimum health. Expect better health, lower morbidity, and faster growth with PowerMAX®. Medicated and non-medicated versions available. Packaged in 50# bags. Call to check availability or to place an order: 573-204-1227

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Cellarator Turbo Drench - Available at Performance Blenders

Destiny™ Dry and Transition Cow Program

From your far-off dry cows to your close-up cows, you can navigate your herd’s destiny for a healthy and profitable lactation through the use of precision nutrition in the Destiny™ Dry and Transition Cow Program.

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Cellarator Paste
Enertia -Rumen ByPass Fat- Available at Performance Blenders


Rumen ByPass Fat

Calcium Salt of Palm Oil Fatty Acids

Palm oil is one of nature's richest energy sources for dairy cattle. Enertia supports body condition, higher peak milk production, and reproductive efficiency. 

​84% Crude Fat, 8.4%-10% Calcium

Granular form is available and in stock at Performance Blenders

Cellarator® Products

Now Available at Performance Blenders! 

What is Cellarator?   Cellarator is an all-natural supplement that helps support animals' needs for optimum health and performance. Cellarator products contain Cell-Rate technology. Cell-Rate is a combination of purified nucleotides along with other nutrients, which may help fuel the natural metabolic process involved in stress, immunity, and production. ​

Visit our Cellarator® page to learn more about these products. Check out Cellarator® Drench and Cellarator® Turbo Paste!

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The following are some of our most popular dairy cattle feeds at Performance Blenders. Bulk commodity blends for dairy cattle are also available. Check out our Commodity Feeds page for more information or call us at 573-204-1227 or toll free 866-892-1227. 

RumeNext D

Fortress Dairy Lacation Minerals
Fortress Dairy Minerals provide the minerals and vitamins needed for helping cows reach their genetic potential for milk production. Fortress Minerals: Protecting Your Herd's Profitability

​3:1 formula currently in stock. For this or other options, please contact us at 573-204-1227.

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Anco Fit is available at Performance Blenders
IGR Concentrate is available at Performance Blenders

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