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Dog and Cat Foods at Performance Blenders

Adult Dog Food 21/8

  • ​21% Protein and 8% Fat for fitness of less active, mature dogs
  • ​Quality protein sources, including fish meal
  • ​Contains vitamin E
  • Contains PremiDex(TM)

Hi-Pro Dog Food

  • 26% Protein and 11% Fat for the average dog at typical activity levels
  • ​Meaty flavor
  • ​Quality carbohydrates for good energy levels
  • Contains vitamin E
  • ​Contains PrimiDex(TM)

Proud Paws Cat and Kitten Food

  • 31.5% Protein and 11% Fat for all stages of your cat's life, including growing kittens
  • ​Contains taurine for a healthy heart and eyes
  • ​Formulated with vitamins and minerals
  • ​Contains vitamin E, PremiDex(TM), and Omega 6
  • ​Flavors cats love: Poultry and Seafood

Ultra-Select Dog & Puppy Food

  • 27% Protein and 15% fat for growing puppies or active dogs
  • Very competitive value!
  • Omega fatty acids for healthy skin, coat, and immune system
  • The number one ingredient is chicken by-product meal and the second ingredient is brewer's rice.

Dog and Puppy Foods

Cat and Kitten Foods

Proud Paws Pet Foods: Available at Performance Blenders

At Performance Blenders, we carry a variety of foods for the special pets in your life. We carry 4 different types of Proud Paws bagged dog food and Cat and Kitten Food by Proud Paws for your feline companion. 

Performance Dog Food 

  • 27% Protein and 18% Fat for the highly active or growing dog
  • The additional protein helps sustain energy levels for health of the performance dog
  • Contains quality carbohydrates for high energy levels