Proud Paws Cat and Kitten Food

  • 31.5% Protein and 11% Fat for all stages of your cat's life, including growing kittens
  • ​Contains taurine for a healthy heart and eyes
  • ​Formulated with vitamins and minerals
  • ​Contains vitamin E, PremiDex(TM), and Omega 6
  • ​Flavors cats love: Poultry and Seafood

Ultra-Select Dog & Puppy Food

  • 27% Protein and 15% fat for growing puppies or active dogs
  • Very competitive value!
  • Omega fatty acids for healthy skin, coat, and immune system
  • The number one ingredient is chicken by-product meal and the second ingredient is brewer's rice.

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Hi-Pro Dog Food

  • 26% Protein and 11% Fat for the average dog at typical activity levels
  • ​Meaty flavor
  • ​Quality carbohydrates for good energy levels
  • Contains vitamin E
  • ​Contains PrimiDex(TM)​

​Where Performance is an Ingredient

Performance Blenders

Adult Dog Food 21/8

  • ​21% Protein and 8% Fat for fitness of less active, mature dogs
  • ​Quality protein sources, including fish meal
  • ​Contains vitamin E
  • Contains PremiDex(TM)

Cat and Kitten Foods

At Performance Blenders, we carry a variety of foods for the special pets in your life. We carry 4 different types of Proud Paws bagged dog food and Cat and Kitten Food by Proud Paws for your feline companion. 

For more information on our pet foods or any other of our products, please call 573-204-1227 or Toll Free 1-866-892-1227. You may also stop by our office on Highway OO, west of Gordonville, MO

Dog and Cat Foods at Performance Blenders

Dog and Puppy Foods

Performance Dog Food 

  • 27% Protein and 18% Fat for the highly active or growing dog
  • The additional protein helps sustain energy levels for health of the performance dog
  • Contains quality carbohydrates for high energy levels