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Videos of Clinton Anderson from Downunder Horsemanship

How Does My Horse's Diet Affect His Feet?

A horses's feet are very important. He needs the proper vitamins and minerals in order to get around and have a quality life. In this Q & A video with Pat Cassidy of ADM Animal Nutrition, we learn about why it is important to have a good mineral program for your horse. To learn more about horse feed, products, and programs at Performance Blenders, please visit our Horse Products page. 

The following videos and information are here for our customers to enjoy and learn from. Performance Blenders has hosted equine clinics in the past so you may have heard of some of these topics at our clinic. This page will review some of these presentations and help people who were unable to attend as well. 

Equine Reference Library

Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship and experts discuss equine nutrition and the benefits of feeding mineral and feed from ADM Animal Nutrition. This video also explains how to use the feed tags included on every bag. 

Performance Blenders carries all the products discussed in this video.

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There is a lot of good horse nutrition on this website. We highly recommend every horse owner to watch them. Most of his videos are under 2 minutes long so they are easy to watch, even for people who have slower internet connections.

We currently have some Body Condition Scoring Guides for horses available for our customers. You can pick them up when you get your feed. These are only available to Performance Blenders customers. If you are interested in one, let us know when you are in the office. 

For more information on horses or to purchase any of the products on these pages, please contact Performance Blenders or stop by the office (on Highway OO, 3.5 miles west of Gordonville, MO) during regular business hours. 

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​For Glo, GroStrong, StayStrong, Forage First, and Patriot Horse Feeds in Southeast Missouri

ADM provides a very helpful page on their website that we recommend to all of our horse customers, the Equine Reference Library. The Equine Reference Library contains many educational articles on horses, including nutrition, nutrients, and general overall health and management of horses. The following are some of our favorite articles from this resourceful library. 

The "Old Horse" Dilemma: The article discusses the special needs of the senior horse, including teeth health and exercise. An older horse has different needs in his feed than a younger horse.

Vitamins and Minerals for Horses: Vitamins and Minerals are very important to not only equine, but to all over animals as well. This article discusses why horses need minerals. They need more than just a salt block! 

Are You Feeding a Low Starch Horse Feed?: This article discusses why your horse benefits from a  low starch, high fiber diet. Performance Blenders carries Ultra Fiber feed. 

There are many good articles in this library. Check them out!

Click here to visit the Equine Reference Library

Do I Need to Feed a Vitamin/Mineral Supplement to My Horse?

In this video, there is information on why the domesticated horse needs a mineral supplement in their diet. Performance Blenders carries loose GroStrong Minerals, GroStrong Mineral Blocks, Pro-Vita-Min Horse Tubs, StayStrong Metabolic Mineral Pellets, and PrimeGlo Horse Feeds. PrimeGlo is a complete feed that includes a mineral package. For more information on these products, please visit our Equine Products page.

Educational Equine Resources


Videos by Rick Lamb of The Horse Show