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At Performance Blenders, we carry products for hay and silage treatment. We carry ADM products, such as Super Hay and Ecosyl®. These products have been very poplar with our dairy farmer and custom hay making customers. For more information on these products, please contact us at 573-204-1227 (locally) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) or stop by our office on Highway OO, west of Gordonville, MO. 

Super Hay 
A baled hay preservative that inhibits mold, yeast, and bacteria growth

​Super Hay increases hay tonnage and dry matter per acre. It decreases curing time for less leaf loss, less weather exposure, and decreased baling time. Also, hay quality and protein levels go up when Super Hay is used. 

For more information, please contact Performance Blenders locally at 573-204-1227 or toll free at 866-892-1227.

Performance Blenders: Where Performance is an Ingredient

Forage Treatment Products at Performance Blenders


For Consistently Better Forage

Ecosyl is water soluble and dry and has granular formulations with the scientifically proven benefits of the MTD/1 bacterial strain. Ecosyl can be used on forage crops including alfalfa haylage, whole plant corn, high-moisture corn grain, grass, sorghum, and small grain cereals.