Forage First® Horse Rewards

Horse Rewards are a high quality, nutritionally balanced, cubed horse treat available in 3 pound and 25 pound bags at Performance Blenders that contain the apple flavor that horses love. 12% Protein. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Forage First® Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes - Available at Performance Blenders

MoorGlo®: A Limited Starch Supplement

MoorGlo® contains stabilized rice bran, Soy Shine® soybean lipids, and Omega Flax®, which are considered the best three best fat sources for horses. It is pelleted, low starch, and high in fat. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Forage First® Horse Rewards - Available at Performance Blenders

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​​Horse Products at Performance Blenders

Patriot® Ultra-Fiber® Horse Feed:The Low Starch Leader

Ultra-Fiber® is a complete feed that contains 13% protein from oil seeds. It is fortified with GROSTRONG® minerals/vitamins/electrolytes and has natural source of vitamin E.

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Forage First® Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes

These timothy/alfalfa cubes can supply all or a portion of your horse's forage needs. There is a greater leaf-to-stem ratio and a more concentrated nutrients in this cubed version of hay compared to traditional loose hays. These cubes are also great for horses with allergy or respiratory problems because of less dust. They are also great for travel because they save space and some places do not allow loose hays because of hay waste problems (cubed hay creates less waste). No blister beetles-- This hay was grown in the northern US and in Canada; too far north of any known blister beetle habitats. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Glo For Life℠ Products: Available at Performance Blenders

SeniorGlo®: For Youthful Bloom and Condition

It's not just for senior horses! SeniorGlo® is designed to feed senior horses, working horses, and broodmares ages 4 and up. It is a highly concentrated pellet that is large and easy to chew for the older horse. It contains HEALTHY GLO™, SoyShine®, and Omega Flax™ as energy sources and it contains NO whole corn or corn starch. SeniorGlo® is Performance Blenders's best selling horse feed. For our customer's testimonials on SeniorGlo®, please visit the Testimonials page. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

JuniorGlo™: Premium Nutrition for Foals, Growing Horses, and Broodmares

JuniorGlo™ is for growing foals and broodmares. It contains stabilized rice bran, a source of energy that does not contribute to metabolic and digestive disorders, as well as Soy Shine® and Omega Flax™. JuniorGlo™ contains no corn or corn starch. 19% Protein. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

​Patriot Senior Horse Feed 

Patriot® Senior Horse Feed provides 14% protein and is a limited starch feed designed to meet the needs of the aging horse. The pellets in this feed are small and soft, making easy for older horses to chew.

Patriot® Performance Horse Feed

Patriot® Performance Horse feed provides 14% protein, 6% fat, and no more than 20% crude fiber. Performance is a moderate starch product with a 6 pound feeding rate that can be fed to broodmares.

Healthy Glo™ Nuggets: Premium Stabilized Rice Bran Products with OmegaFlax™, Added Calcium, and Natural-Source Vitamin E

Healthy Glo™ has stabilized rice bran, a product which is commonly called an "equine health food." Stabilized rice bran gives horses more energy without the complications of the traditional grain-based diet. Performance Blenders carries the nuggets, which are 20% fat and pelleted.

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Patriot Horse feed is available at Performance Blenders

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JuniorGlo Horse Feed - Available at Performance Blenders
Performance Blenders is a Proud Dealer for ADM Animal Nutrition™
MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® Mineral for Horses - Available at Performance Blenders

Forage First® Products

Horses ​have a small sized stomach and are designed to be fed only small amounts at one time because large meals can cause digestive disorders. Forage First® products are "mother nature's design for feeding horses." Horses should be fed forages but sometimes there isn't much pasture or hay. Forage First® has a line of timothy-alfalfa cubes for these occasions! 

Pro-Vita-Min Horse Tubs - Available at Performance Blenders

For more information on any of our products or any horse nutritional advice, please stop by the Performance Blenders office on Highway OO, west of Gordonville, MO, or call us:
Office: 573-204-1227 | Toll Free: 866-892-1227

Performance Blenders: Where Performance is an Ingredient 
For Glo, GroStrong®, and Patriot® Horse Feeds in Southeast Missouri

StaysTRONG™ 33 Ration Balancer for Horses: Available at Performance Blenders

MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® PRO-VITA-MIN 20-5 Tub - Available in 100 pound and 200 pound sized tubs

MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® PRO-VITA-MIN 18-12 Hi-Fat Tub- Available in 100 pound sized tubs

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Horse Tubs

Performance Blenders carries supplement tubs for horses that include vitamins, minerals, and protein designed to be fed free-choice to to horses on pasture at 1-2 pounds per head per day. We have a 20% protein/5% fat option and an 18% protein/12% fat option. The 18-12 tub is recommended for thin horses. These tubs carry a 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio with major and trace minerals. These are not high molasses tubs.

POWERGLO Horse feed- Available at Performance Blenders
GROSTRONG® Ultra-Fiber®: Available at Performance Blenders

Complete Premium Blend Horse Feeds

It is important that a horse relies on a forage based and limited starch diet for a long, healthy life. While many competitor brands want you to feed limited forages and heavily cereal grain based diet, our Forage First® based program is different!  These premium blends in the Glo for Life℠ series of equine fees from ADM Animal Nutrition™ are formulated with stabilized rice bran and other energy, protein, and mineral sources for your horse's additional energy needs. These feeds are also more concentrated than most other complete horse feeds, therefore lowering feed intake levels. Available in 50 pound bags. To purchase, please visit our office or call locally at 573-204-1227 or toll free 866-892-1227.

MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® Minerals for Horses

MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® Mineral is a classic mineral developed in 1925. It remains trusted by many equine professionals. This mineral should be used along with your current feed (unless you are feeding PrimeGlo™- it has a complete mineral package). The granular form can be either top-dressed or fed free choice. The blocks should be fed free choice.

Available in 25# blocks, 25# Quad-Blocks®, 5# bags (granular), 25# bags (granular), and 50# bags (granular) at Performance Blenders. 5# is enough for 1 horse for 1 month when top-dressed. 

To purchase, please call the office at 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free)

PrimeGlo™: Premium Nutrition for Mature Horses

PrimeGlo™ is a unique feed that is designed to meet the needs of the light performance horse and the typical trail horse without all the extra calories. This feed includes minerals so there is no need for additional supplementation. PrimeGlo is a 2X concentrated pellet that is formulated for a 2-4 pound feeding rate, resulting in less than half the calories of a typical horse feed. The lower feeding rate is not only good for your horse; it's economical for you too because a bag will last longer.  It contains 14% protein, HEALTHY GLO™, StayStrong® Metabolic Mineral Pellets, CitriStim™, stabilized rice bran, Soy Shine®, and Omega Flax™. This feed is endorsed by many equine professionals including Rick Lamb and Clinton Anderson

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

SENIORGLO: Available at Performance Blenders

StaySTRONG™ Metabolic Mineral Pellets

StaySTRONG Metabolic Mineral Pellets are an oat-free and starch-free mineral pellet designed to hand feed the "easy keeper" type of horse and get the mineral the mineral they need. These pellets accelerate the digestive process resulting in more efficient metabolism and less acidity in the hindgut, reducing the risk of colic and founder. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Horse Minerals

Performance Blenders carries minerals for horses. We have 25 pound blocks and bags, 50 pound bags, ration balancers, and 40 pound bags of mineral pellets. Our horse minerals are very popular and many local farriers often recommend these minerals because of how much they have been shown to improve hoof health. Please visit our Educational Equine Resources page to learn more.

Patriot Senior is available at Performance Blenders
MoorGlo®: Available at Performance Blenders

Complete Fortified Horse Feeds

Fortified feeds, such as Ultra-Fiber™ and the Patriot® feed line, have higher energy with lower starch levels and are highly digestible. They are higher in energy and lower in starch than many of our competitor's feeds and than traditional sweet feeds. The higher fat sources add a "bloom" to hair coats. These fortified feeds are pelleted for less feed waste and better digestibility. These fortified feeds contain GROSTRONG™ vitamins and minerals and CitriStim®. Available in 50 pound bags. 

StayStrong Metabolic Mineral Pellets

PowerGlo®: For Serious Horse Power

PowerGlo® is a feed designed to meet the needs of barrel horses, race horses, and other elite performance horses. It is a concentrated feed with the right balance of fats, digestible fibers, and starch for stamina and endurance for these athletes. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for reduced inflammation after sporting events. PowerGlo® also provides the extra salt and electrolytes required for performance horses. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

Call us Locally at 573-204-1227

or Toll Free 866-892-1227

Healthy Glo™: Available at Performance Blenders
PrimeGlo™ - Available at Performance Blenders
Forage First Products are available at Performance Blenders

At Performance Blenders, we are a proud dealer of ADM Equine products. We carry a wide selection of bagged feeds, as well as protein and vitamin tubs, loose minerals, and top dresses for feeds. Here is some information on some of the products that we carry. Click the links for more information from ADM. Coming soon to Purchase horse products online! For discounts and specials, please purchase feed at our office 3.5 miles west of Gordonville. Call 573-204-1227. Performance Blenders has the right to change or update prices at any time. 

Performance Blenders

StaySTRONG™ 33 Ration Balancer

StaySTRONG 33 Ration Balancer is a high-quality, pelleted, protein-vitamin-mineral product designed for use in situations where additional protein is needed, especially in rations for growing horses and gestating and lactating broodmares. 

Available at Performance Blenders. Call 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free) to order. 

​Where Performance is an Ingredient

Hi-Fat Supplements for Extra Energy

These hi-fat supplements contain rice oil and flax, a highly digestible fat with more energy than grains. These supplements can reduce the "grain high" associated with feeding large amounts of grain (too much grain can cause digestive disorders). The dietary fat in these hi-fat supplements also reduces thermal load in the working horse to improve stamina and endurance. MoorGlo® and Healthy Glo™ also help put thin horses gain weight and they contribute to a healthy hair coat. Available in 40 pound bags.