NEW! Performance Blenders also has some Loomix® Cellarator® Products. Please call us (573-204-1227 or 866-892-1227) to check availability or place an order on any of these products. Check out Cellarator® Turbo Drench, a new drench product which is extremely popular with cattle producers!


What is Cellarator? Cellarator is an all-natural supplement that helps support animals' needs for optimum health and performance. Cellarator products contain Cell-Rate technology. Cell-Rate is a combination of purified nucleotides along with other nutrients, which may help fuel the natural metabolic process involved in stress, immunity, and production. 

What types of animals can have Cellarator? While some products are species specific, some can be used on multiple types of livestock. Performance Blenders carries Cellarator products suitable for cattle, swine, goats, sheep, horses, confinement deer, and confinement elk. 

EatMoor at Performance Blenders
Rehydrade at Performance Blenders

If you have any questions on these products or if you would like to place an order, please call the Performance Blenders office at 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free). Feel free to stop by the office during regular business hours at 6877 State Highway OO, 3.5 miles west of Gordonville, MO. 

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Cellarator Products

​MoorMan's® ShowTec® MoorFlex™
Available in 3# Bags and 18# Buckets
For Swine, Beef Cattle, Goats, Lambs
MoorFlex is a top-dress nutritional supplement designed for joint flexibility in show animals so they can move with ease and comfort. Contains Cell Rate®. 

MoorMan's® ShowTec® EatMoor™
Available in 3# Bags and 12# Buckets
For Swine, Cattle, Horses, Goats, Lambs, Alpacas, Llamas, Deer, and Elk
MoorMan’s ShowTec EatMoor is a unique, one-of-a-kind, top-dress supplement that stimulates appetite, optimizes gut health, and gives animals the edge needed to resist the effects of stress, such as hauling and showing. It is especially advantageous for feeding to show animals.

​​​Cellarator® Turbo Drench -NEW!-
Available in 1 Gallon Jugs (Gun not included)
For Cattle
Cellarator® Turbo Drench is a one-of-a-kind, fast-acting, oral drench that combines the power of Cell Rate® with enzymes, prebiotics, electrolytes, copper, zinc and vitamins A and E to support performance, deter dehydration, and may help lower levels of stress enzymes and enhance the overall health and well-being of production animals . It is especially advantageous for cattle under stress.

​Cellarator® Turbo Paste 
​Available in 80cc tubes and 300cc tubes 
For Horses, Cattle, Swine, Sheep, and Goats
Cellarator® Turbo is a unique 3-in-1 fast acting, oral paste that combines the power of Cell Rate with probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamin E to support performance, deter dehydration, and help lessen the effects of stress. No gun required for 80cc tubes. 

Integrity™ Hoof & Joint Supplement
​Available in 3.75# Pouches
For Horses
Integrity™ is a unique, new top-dress supplement at Performance Blenders. It is a hoof and joint supplement with glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin sulfate, biotin, and Cell Rate® to support hoof and joint soundness. It is a great product for show and performance horses.

​Available in a 36 oz. Canister  
For Swine, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Horses
Rehydrade is a supplement that provides energy, electrolytes, and other substances to help enable show animals to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance while enhancing freshness. It can be used as a drench or as a top-dress.

ACES (Amino Acid Cell-Rate Equine Supplement)-NEW-

​Available in 3.75# Pouches

For Horses

​​ACES is a top-dress supplement that supports muscle development and helps maintain muscle mass. It's formulated to help supply the athletic horse with the nutrients needed for strength and health.

Inside Tract

Available in 10 Pound Buckets

For Horses

Inside Tract- Nutritional support for gut health. Inside Tract is a top-dress pelleted supplement designed for equine of all ages and performance levels. 

ACES for horses: Available at Performance Blenders
Integrity for Horses - At Performance Blenders
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Inside Tract for Horses

Cellarator® Products at Performance Blenders

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