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AMPT Minerals

​"Advanced Mineral Performance Technology"

Beef Cattle Minerals at Performance Blenders

AMPT-A Mineral

All-purpose AMPT mineral for cattle on quality pasture. Medicated* and IGR option available with AMPT-A Charged. 

AMPT-M Mineral

Mineral for cattle requiring higher magnesium needs. It's commonly fed in the spring when lush grass is growing. 

AMPT-P Mineral

AMPT mineral with boosted phosphorus levels, CitriStim®,Nova-E, and selenium yeast. AMPT-P is ideal for the breed back period, before and right after calving, and cattle undergoing stress. 

AMPT-T Endo-Fighter/Breeder Mineral

Choice for producers who only want to feed one mineral year-round. Contains Nova-E and plant extract for improved rumen function and to fight stress. Contains Endo-Fighter®, an ADM exclusive product that fights the effects of fescue toxicosis. Options include CTC*, CTC*/IGR, and RU/IGR.

For more information call Performance Blenders at 1-573-204-1227 or toll free 1-866-892-1227

AMPT is the newest addition in ADM Animal Nutrition's line of beef cattle mineral. AMPT is a different type of mineral. What makes it different?

  • Rumen Bypass: Hydroxy forms of copper, zinc, and manganese, which are highly bio-available, allow for better absorption
  • ​Just the right amount of salt that cattle need
  • Optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • Does not contain potassium- Cattle typically get all they need from forages
  • ​A more available form of magnesium (magnesium carbonate) that is less bitter than the "regular" magnesium used in mineral
  • ​Contains the cobalt needed for efficient fiber digestion - Very good for grazing cows. 

For more information call Performance Blenders at

1-573-204-1227 or toll free 1-866-892-1227


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*effective January 1, 2017: VFD required by law to be obtained from a veterinarian before purchasing or using CTC mineral. For more information, please visit our VFD page. This law effects all feed stores, not just Performance Blenders. 

Benefits of MoorMan's Minerals

  • Consistent 2 oz/head/day intake levels 
  • Includes WeatherMaster®, which reduces mineral loss due to weather
  • Encourages maximum rumen microbial activity
  • Contains vitamins for metabolic, reproductive, and immune systems
  • Many options available

Available with CTC* and IGR Options

Ask your veterinarian about 168 MoorMan's Special Range Minerals AU. This mineral has the highest level of CTC on the market approved for free-choice feeding. Call us to learn more at 573-204-1227. This mineral is in stock at Performance Blenders and available to those that have a VFD from their veterinarian. 

  • MasterGain minerals are course in size to reduce loss due to wind and weather. 
  • 2-4 oz/head/day consumption rates.
  • Contain Prosponse® Yeast to enhance flavor and maximize rumen fermentation. 
  • IGR and CTC* Options Available. 
  • Endo-Fighter® and IGR options available in 200# MasterGain® tubs.

Available with CTC* and IGR Options

Endo-Fighteravailable in AMPT-T Version