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​Performance Blenders carries Mintrate® protein tubs, Mintrate® blocks, Rumensin blocks, and Roughage Buster loose, granular protein supplement. Check out some of our products below! If you have any questions, call us at 573-204-1227 or 866-892-1227. Special discounts may apply if you buy an entire pallet. 

Mintrate products are available at Performance Blenders.
Weather Master

Beef Protein Supplements at Performance Blenders

Why are these products unique?What is Biuret? ADM Animal Nutrition's protein supplements are unique because they contain Biuret, an ADM exclusive source of slow release non-protein nitrogen. It enhances the rumen microbes’ ability to more extensively digest forage.

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Roughage Buster is available at Performance Blenders

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Mintrate® Cattle Tubs

Self-Fed Protein Tubs

The crude protein comes from Biuret, DDGS, condensed distillers soluables, oil meals, and low level urea. These ingredients encourage forage intake and digestibility. 

200-lb Mintrate® Tubs with Endo-Fighter®

Mintrate® Tubs with Endo-Fighter® are available with 2 different protein options- 30% or 40%. 

What is Endo-Fighter?Endo-Fighter® contains functional ingredients that counter the challenges that arise when cattle consume endophyte-infected fescue forages. Endo-Fighter is comprised of a patented combination of components shown to favorably support production and well-being of cattle consuming endophyte-infected fescue forage. Endo-Fighter® is beneficial to feed every season of the year. 

250-lb Self-Fed Protein Tubs

The 250-lb tubs are the classic tub that we have carried for many years. Contain 30% protein from Biuret, distiller's dried grains, condensed distiller's soluables, oil meal, and low level urea.

MoorMan's® Mintrate® Blocks

The Proven Leader in Block Technology 
for Increased Forage Digestion and Utilization

Available in 33 1/3# Blocks

Mintrate® Blocks are self fed blocks that provide crude protein and scientifically formulated macro and trace minerals. Feeding protein to cattle on pasture improves forage digestion. 

Rumensin options available. 

Mintrate Blocks are available at Performance Blenders

Roughage Buster®

The Cost Effective Way to Utilize Forages

Roughage Buster® is a protein supplement for cattle on pasture or high-roughage rations. The protein source of this supplement comes from ADM's Biuret, a non-nitrogen protein source that gradually releases into the rumen.Roughage Bustercontains WeatherMaster® for protection against the elements. Begin using Roughage Buster when forage quality starts to decline as summer draws to a close.

At Performance Blenders, we handle 50 pound bags of loose Roughage Buster but we can also get 33.33 pound blocks upon request. ​​

Mintrate® 36-15 Breed Right Tub

200-lb Self-Fed Protein/Energy Tub

The Breed Right "High Fat" tub contains multiple sources of protein to meet the balanced needs of cattle consuming lower quality forages. It provides Biuret, an exclusive ADM non-protein nitrogen, to release nitrogen slowly to correspond with energy intake. It also contains organic trace minerals: zinc, copper, cobalt, and manganese. Organic trace minerals are more readily available than inorganic minerals. It benefits cows during breeding and calving season and other times of high stress. It also provides CitriStim, an ADM proprietary yeast, and selenium yeast. 

The Breed Right tub is a uniform product with predictable intake. It's palatable for steady intake to better utilize forage and to supply the nutrients not provided by forages. It contains 36% protein and 15% fat. 

This tub is a best seller here at Performance Blenders. 

Listen to our radio ad about the High Fat Breed Right Tub on the media player. 

CitriStim at Performance Blenders
Mintrate tubs at Performance Blenders

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