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ShowBoost is a top dress feed designed to meet the nutritional needs of the show rabbit. At 25% protein, it is also helpful to rabbits that need to gain weight or rabbits under stress. ShowBoost can also be used in rations show cattle and show horses 40 days before show season with great benefits. Available in 10 pound bags.

Benefits of top dressing ShowBoost

  • ​Contains stabilized rice bran for digestibility
  • ​Smells good and encourages feed intake
  • ​Provides minerals
  • ​High in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • Mini-Pellets: Easy for rabbits to eat

Warning: This is not a complete feed! This must be fed with a complete feed!

Pen Pals Professional Rabbit 18%

Contains 18% Protein for the rabbit with high nutritional needs. 

Rabbits with higher nutritional needs include fryers with high feed efficiency needs, highly productive breeding does, show rabbits, fiber producing rabbits, and rabbits in stressful environments. 

Benefits of Professional 18%

  • ​Contains yucca to reduce ammonia for better smelling rabbits
  • ​Contains salt- No need for salt spools, which can rust cages fast
  • ​Amino Acid balanced for growing rabbits and fur/hair breeds
  • ​Highly available nutrients and great digestibility 
  • Mini-Pellets: Reduce feed waste, especially in young rabbits just learning to eat
  • In 50 pound bags

Pen Pals Professional Rabbit 18% is currently in stock at Performance Blenders. We can get 16% protein rabbit feed upon request. Please call the office for more information. 

573-204-1227 or Toll Free 866-892-1227

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Call us at573-204-1227or Toll Free1-866-892-1227

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Rabbit Feeds at Performance Blenders

At Performance Blenders, we carry Pen Pals rabbit feeds. Our feeds can be used for breeding rabbits, pet rabbits, or show rabbits. Here's a sample of some of the rabbit feeds that we currently carry.