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Here at Performance Blenders, we sell ADM MoorMan's Showtec Show Feeds and bulk show feeds. Many of our customers have had a lot of success with these products. When one enters the office here at Performance Blenders, we have a photo display of a lot of blue ribbon and champion youth exhibited animals at our local fairs. All of these animals were fed or supplemented with products we sell. We carry show products for cattle, swine, goats, and sheep. We also mix commodity show feeds for all classes of livestock. Please visit our commodity feeds page for more information on custom blends for your own show needs. 

ShowTec Burst Starter is available at Performance Blenders
ShowTec® Swine feeds are available at Performance Blenders

Show Swine Feeds at Performance Blenders

Performance Blenders is a Proud Dealer for ADM Animal Nutrition

Performance Blenders: Where Performance is an Ingredient
For more information, please contact Performance Blenders 
Local 573-204-1227 | Toll Free 866-892-1227
Or stop by the office on Hwy OO Jackson, MO (west of Gordonville)
Performance Blenders is a Southeast Missouri supplier of ShowTec Show Feeds for Beef Cattle, Swine, and Goats.

ShowTec® Swine feeds are available at Performance Blenders

Show Pig Complete Feeds

MoorMan's® ShowTec® Burst Starter

​Burst Starter is a mini-pelleted feed designed for starting and growing show pigs weighing 15-50 pounds. It is especially beneficial  to young pigs being prepared for show pig sales; it enhances muscle expression and causes rapid bloom in 7 to 10 days. Contains 21.5% Protein, 1.5% Lysine, and 6.5% fat. Medicated with Denagard®. 

MoorMan's® ShowTec® Sale Burst
Sale Burst is a mini-pelleted feed designed for 35-75 pound pigs being prepared for sales or shown in early exhibition shows. Advanced nutritional components enable pigs to stand out in early exhibition shows and catch buyer’s attention. Contains 19% protein, 1.15% lysine, and 4% fat. Medicated with Denagard®. 

​MoorMan's® ShowTec® Starter/Grower 
This starter/grower pellet contains dewormer. No slaughter withdrawl.

MoorMan's® ShowTe®c Developer BB 18 
One of our most popular complete feed products! Developer BB18 is a mini-pelleted feed designed for show pigs that are on target for muscle, cover, and shape weighing 50 pounds until show time. It contains 18% crude protein, 3.75% fat, and 1.05% lysine. 

MoorMan's ShowTec Finisher Paylean®
ShowTec® Finisher Paylean® is a pelleted complete feed designed for show pigs that are lacking muscle with too much cover. It is medicated with Paylean® to enhance lean gain and extreme muscle expression. Contains 18% protein, 1% lysine, and 2.5% fat. Feed 5 pounds per head per day for 21 days.

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Final Burst

​Final burst is a complete feed for pigs weighing 150 pounds to show. It has been formulated with the advanced nutritional components critical for outstanding show ring performance. Provides direct feed microbial. Contains 21.5% protein, 1.5% lysine, and 6.5% fat. 

​MoorMan's® ShowTec® Time Out™
​Time Out™ is a complete, non-medicated holding ration designed for show pigs to maintain body weight, shape, and condition. This is perfect for exhibitors that have pigs that are getting too big to show at their fair. Contains Cell-Rate® and electrolytes. In mini-pellet form. New at Performance Blenders! 

​MoorMan's® ShowTec® Show Prep

Show is a complete feed in a 5 lb. bag designed to be feed the night before and morning of the show (feed 2.5 lbs per feeding). It keeps pigs alert, bright, and hydrated while enhancing fill and expression. It eliminates the need for multiple top-dress products. Contains mini-pellets, high energy chips, and fibrous pulp. Contains MoorBody™ for a hard finish and gut fill. 15% protein, 5.5% fat, and no more than 6% fiber. 

Milk Replacer

Crate-Milk® Milk Replacer
Crate-Milk® is an all-milk protein based milk replacer for easy absorption for the baby pig's immune system. It can be used to supplement pigs or completely replace sow's milk. Available in 25# bags. ContainsPremiDex™

Show Pig Top-Dress/Additives

MoorMan's® ShowTec® Pig Navigator
A top dress for hydration in periods of stress for show pigs.

MoorMan's® ShowTec® Fire Extinguisher S

For reduction of heat stress. 

MoorMan's® ShowTec® MoorBody™

For a hard finish and gut fill. 

Want to learn about more top-dress products for show pigs? 

Visit our Cellarator® Products page

ShowTec® Swine feeds are available at Performance Blenders
Fire Extinguisher S is available at Performance Blenders