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Show Swine Feeds at Performance Blenders

Cellarator® Products at Performance Blenders

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MoorFat: Available at Performance Blenders
MotivAte is available at Performance Blenders - Jackson, MO

Show Pig Feeds

Performance Blenders carries MoorMan's® ShowTec® swine feeds and Cellarator® Products.

Performance Blenders carries a wide select of swine feed for breeding hogs, starting and growing pigs, and show pigs. We carry both premixes and complete bagged feeds and we can blend swine feeds using commodities and some of the following ADM supplements. To see a list of commodities that we carry, visit our commodity feeds page. To view our ShowTec® Show Pig products, please visit the show swine feeds page. Call us with any questions at 573-204-1227 (local) or 866-892-1227 (toll free). 

Parity Plus® Mintrate® Cubes: A cubed protein-vitamin-mineral supplement designed to meet the nutritional needs of high performing breed gilts, sows, and mature boars. Feed 1 part Mintrate Cubes and 3 parts grain. The cube form makes for easy hand-feeding. Contains 37% protein, 2.3% lysine, 1/75% fat, 4% calcium, and 2.25% phosphorus. Medication free. 

Parity Plus® Sow Boost: Sow Boost is a mixing vitamin and mineral pack for gilts, sows, and boars. Granular form makes for easy mixing. 

MoorFat™: MoorFat is a high energy, pre-farrowing and lactating supplement for breeding sows. The energy is supplied from animal fat encapsulated in milk protein carrier. It's ideal to use to increase ration energy level when feed intake is depressed during stress or hot weather to keep animals performing at their peak

Call us to learn more about any of these breeding herd products or mixes: 573-204-1227

MaxLean Grow/Fin is available at Performance Blenders
ADM Animal Nutrition

Crate-Milk® Milk Replacer
Crate-Milk® is an all-milk protein based milk replacer for easy absorption for the baby pig's immune system. It can be used to supplement pigs or completely replace sow's milk. Available in 25# bags. Contains PremiDex™

MotivAte™ 15/25 Pig Starter 

MotivAte™ 15/25 Pig Starter is a complete mini-pelleted feed designed for pigs weighing 12-25 pounds. Contains high-quality, multiple sources of protein plus essential amino acids that are easily digestible to support weight gain and feed efficiency in young pigs. Contains CitriStim® for gut health and Energy Burst™ for readily available energy. 20% protein, 1.45% lysine, and 5% fat. 

MotivAte™ 25/50 Pig Starter with Denagard

MotivAte™ 25/50 is a complete mini-pelleted pig starter designed for pigs weighing between 25 and 50 pounds. 25/50 contains high-quality, multiple sources of protein and essential amino acids for easy digestibility, weight gain, and feed efficiency. Contains CitriStim® for gut health. Medicated with Denagard. 

Call to learn more about pig starters at 573-204-1227. Commodity blend pig starters also available. 

MotivAte™ Pig Mix 700

Pig Starter Premix

Pig Mix 700 is a high-quality supplement designed for pigs weighing between 13 and 25 pounds. This nutrient-dense formula encourages feed intake and maximizes gain. Includes plasma protein for consistent feed intake and maximizes gain, high-quality milk products for a smooth transition from sow milk, and fish meal for consistent intake and increased growth. Contains CitriStim® for gut health. 

MotivAte™ Grower 75 Pre-Mix

Pig Starter Premix

Grower 75 is a high-quality premix formulated to be used with good-quality sources of grain and soybean meal for use in developing grind and mix starter feeds for pigs weighing 25-50 lb. When used with MotivAte Pig Mix 700 (see above), grain and soybean meal, this supplement can be used to create grind and mix starter feed for pigs weighing 15-25 pound. 

MaxLean® Grow/Finish Concentrate

Grower to Finisher Premix

MaxLean® GF provides the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, and protein sources for the growing or finishing pig. Synthetic amino acids are included for higher grain inclusion by reducing the amount of protein source (such as soybean meal). When mixed with grain, it creates a complete mix. Flexible mixing directions for the different phases of feeding; use 300-600 pounds per ton. 

To learn more about premixes or commodity blends, call us: 573-204-1227

Breeding Herd Products

Parity Plus® breeding herd products are formulated to provide specific nutrients needed for superior reproductive performance in high producing breeding herds. 

Pre-Starter/Starter Feeds for Pigs

Performance Blenders carries MotiAte™ Pig Starters complete feeds, Momentum® Frost Coats®, and Crate-Milk®.

Pre-Mixes for Pigs

Performance Blenders carries pre-mixes for nursery, growing, and finishing swine

Parity Plus products are available at Performance Blenders

Swine Feeds at Performance Blenders

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MaxLean GF is available at Performance Blenders